Monday, October 7, 2013

I'm a fan, girl!

FangirlFangirl by Rainbow Rowell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a great book! It's Cath and Wren's first year of college, and it sure seems like Wren doesn't want to be a twin anymore. It's not like they don't both have abandonment issues already, what with their Mom walking out the door when they were 8. But they and their Dad soldiered on. College is in Lincoln, though, and Dad's home in Omaha with his own issues. Cath made it into a fiction writing class, even though she's only a freshman. It's lonely being the most naive geek on the planet. Sometimes she feels like her real life can be lived only when she's writing her fanfic in the world of Simon Snow. With her other half gone AWOL, Cath learns to navigate solo, not without stumbling. Making friends, difficult choices, and new worlds along the way, Cath finds all kinds of love in the process.

It's the dialogue--snappy, snarky, smart--that makes the book shine so. And that perfect depiction of the awkward outsider we first know ourselves to be. I have to run off now and read the other two books. More, please!

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