Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Not enough

Chris Pavone is a good writer. I wanted to love his book, The Expats, but didn't. This is a case where loving the style and loving the story are different. In the end, though I will definitely look at his next book, I did not love the plot or characters enough to finish this book. 

There's a whole genre in this: "Books-we-wanted-to-like-but-didn't," as opposed to "Books-we've-pretended-we've-read-but-haven't." "Books-we-were-supposed-to-return-but-they're-holding-up-the-couch." "Books-we-wish-we-could-read-again-for-the-first-time." "Books-we-wish-weren't-stuck-in-our-heads."

Authors, the fault is not with you. It's just one of those things. I truly wish you the best. We just need to see other people. Have a wonderful life. 

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