Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Murder of MagpiesA Murder of Magpies by Judith Flanders

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Murder of Magpies has just the right balance of wit and puzzle, smart and snark.
British book editor Samantha and her author/friend Kit did not expect to be caught up in a tale of money laundering and murder, but Kit’s new book puts them in the path of danger. Kit’s manuscript is stolen, the publisher’s servers are hacked, Sam has a break-in—and Kit disappears.
Both an old-fashioned puzzle mystery and a modern send-up of publishing, the book is not meant to be sped through, but savored. Sam’s relationship with her formidable lawyer mother is wonderfully done. The obligatory attraction between the main character and the main cop is cleverly (modernly) handled. And book professionals can’t help but smile at the insider perspective. British/bookish/puzzle/cozy/humor/mystery subgenre, rejoice! Keep writing, and sign me up for more.

I received an EARC for review from Macmillan and Netgalley.

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