Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Bones of Paris

The Bones of Paris: A Novel of SuspenseThe Bones of Paris: A Novel of Suspense by Laurie R. King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
The Bones of Paris, Laurie R King's new novel (outside the "alternate Holmes" series),  is a tour through the underbelly of postwar (WWI) Paris. In the garrets and grunge of artistic Paris, where rich girls go to slum, some are disappearing. When he's asked to look into the disappearance of Philippa Crosby, our hero Harris assumes that she's shacked up with an appropriately inappropriate boyfriend. But the trail takes him from interviewing the famous and infamous to the rich and creepy--through mansions built above the crypts, houses decaying and full of decay, and the theater where death is staged as realistically as possible, the Grand-Guignol. Who is the villain? The famous photographer who likes his girls young and submissive? The artist who likes detached limbs and clean bones? The aristocrat whose forbears are mentioned in the same tone as the Marquis de Sade?Harris also has his personal demons to follow and face, after the events of Touchstone, King's earlier book featuring him and the intriguing Bennett Grey. In addition to loyal King fans, this book should appeal to readers of Jacqueline Winspear and Charles Todd. More books, please! 

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